Tschüss Schottland




Willkommen in Irland












 there we saw a places with a fine view for what should not be forgotten ...

a place, not a common cemetery, several such places we have seen, always with a fine view...








 we call them 'remembering - fields' 

and one we found somewhere in the dunes at the Atlantic-shore,

a carved-stone for those, who are found dead in sea or on shore, buried without preach, unnamed ...




 nearby this fine place we found a rest in

a pub where the people danced their Jigs and Reels this night,

 dancing and playing music like everywhere in the country





what a wonderful morning view, to awake after a dancing-night on such a lovely place


... but back to landscape




Glenveagh National Park



again on the road


.... the Aran Shore





...and near Glenade a place where we rest






on the road again ...





Frühling im Mayo-Land








im outback by Ballycroy


nothing more ...




and than,   -   what a place ...







               2011 in Irland I've seen the Queen bowing her knee....

               2015 the Queen visited Bergen Belsen

                                                 You are wellcome  

                                                 ... thanks a lot   07.07.015